Parents/Guardians of Elkhorn Valley Students:

Elkhorn Valley Schools will once again be collecting student information via e-forms.  This will also incorporate the use of e-signatures on school agreements and permissions.  Since this is our second year of collecting student information electronically, parents should look over every e-form and make any updates to family information, for example change in address, telephone numbers, emergency contacts, etc.  The ONLY forms that must be signed with an e-signature each year are the Permissions Agreement, Acknowledgement of Completion and Health Authorizations forms.  There is also a new form titled Learning Preferences 22-23 that was added this year, which we are asking parents to complete.  Please be sure to read through the Student Handbook as there were some updates made.  The changes are typed in blue print.  

Student information forms and agreements will be accessed and edited through PowerSchool.  IF you have forgotten your username and password for PowerSchool, please contact Mrs. Hahne at 402-368-5301 or  If you do not have access to an electronic device to complete these forms, please contact the office.  There is a tutorial video available on the school’s website if you need a refresher on how to complete the e-forms.