Getting Started

  1. Most scholarships are given by the college you apply to. That is why we encourage students to apply to colleges the fall of your senior year. Some scholarships are given just by the information that you provided on your college application. Others require admission to the college and a separate application form.
  2. Other scholarships can be found on online scholarship searches. Go to the websites page on the college planning website for a list of good online searches.
  3. Scholarships that we receive information about are listed in order of the due date on the list of scholarships page.
  4. Students should have a folder were they keep scholarship application information, updated activities resume, and recommendations. This will be very beneficial when you have many scholarship deadlines at the same time.
  5. During your senior year, many national or statewide scholarships will come out. During the months of February - April, there will be a lot of local scholarships. It is strongly encouraged that students apply to the local scholarships because you are not competing against as many other applicants.