Tips for College Visits

  • Schedule your visits at least two weeks in advance. Ask for appointments with an admissions representative, financial aid counselor, and a faculty member in your area of interest.
  • Explore your career interests and then research colleges that fit your interests. See Exploring Careers at EducationQuest.org for free resources.
  • Check out college websites. You’ll find admission requirements, academic and social information, and photos or a virtual tour. You may even be able to schedule a campus visit.
  • Visit while the colleges are in session. You won’t get the true flavor during breaks or finals week.
  • Be prepared with questions to ask. It’s important for YOU to ask questions, not just your mom or dad.
  • Talk to a faculty member about upper-level classes in your anticipated major. This will help you understand the coursework that will be required and the degree of difficulty.
  • Ask the financial aid counselor how the college may offset tuition costs and about college-based scholarship applications and deadlines.