ACT test

Many 4 year colleges require you to take the ACT. There are certain dates that you will need to register if you need to take it. The counseling center recommends you take the ACT the SPRING of your Junior year and the FALL of your Senior year. The cost of the test is $50.50 ($67 with writing). Fee waivers are available in the counseling center for students on free or reduced lunch. Students usually do not take the ACT plus writing unless a certain college program requires it. 

Testing Dates: Deadline to RegisterDeadline to Register Late with Fee

September 12
September 13
September 19
August 31No late fees
Photo upload 9/4
October 10
October 17
October 24
October 25
September 25No late fees
Photo upload 10/2
December 12November 6November 7-20
Photo upload 12/4
February 6January 8January 9-15
Photo upload 1/29
April 17March 12March 13-26
Photo upload 4/9
June 12May 7May 8-21
Photo upload 6/4
July 17June 18June 19-25
Photo upload 7/9

SAT Test

The SAT test is not required by all colleges. Check your college entrance requirements to find out. They also offer 20 Subject Tests across 5 subjects. The cost is $47.50 or $64.50 for the plus writing.

Testing Dates Deadline to Register

SAT Test DateRegistration Deadline
August 29July 31
September 26August 26
October 3September 4
November 7October 7
December 5November 5
March 13February 12
May 8April 8
June 5May 6