This notice to inform the patrons of Elkhorn Valley Public Schools that Public law 94-142 and State Rules 51 and 52 mandate that a free, appropriate public education is available to each child with a disability, 0-21 years of age, who resides in a local school district.

Child Find for Special Education Services

The Elkhorn Valley Public School asks you to assist us in our "Nebraska Child Find" efforts. This is an ongoing statewide search for all unserved children with disabilities, ages birth through 21. If you know of a child who is experiencing difficulties with motor development, speech and language, vision, hearing or learning, please refer the parent to the number below. The Elkhorn Valley Public School District will provide an educational evaluation at no cost to the parent. If the child qualifies under Nebraska law, a free and appropriate educational program will be developed to meet his/her educational needs. To contact us, please call Darin Hahne  (Supt.) at (402) 368-5301.