Think about the favorite things we would do in Character Ed and do them with your family.  

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX - Use the letters of the alphabet.  It's not a capital A, or it's not a capital B...and then have your parents send me pictures of what you create!!  I would love to see them.  I will add my own too!  careyhahne@evfalcons.com 

ROLL THE DICE - Find dice and roll it.  Come up with different activities to do for each number.  Or you can use these. Remember to respect everyone's personal space while doing the activity.  

  1. flamingo pose for 5 seconds
  2. run in place for 20 seconds
  3. 10 jumping jacks
  4. pretend jump rope 10 times
  5. 10 frog jumps
  6. do your favorite dance move for 10 seconds

TIME CAPSULE for this time at home.