Backpack (regular sized)


Spiral Note Book

2 Folders with Pockets

1 inch 3 ring binder, any color with clear pocket on the front

1 Box Crayons (24 count)


1 notebook

1 Yellow plastic Five Star, Mead pocket folder 

1 school box-Please send a box that snaps closed instead of zips.

1 book bag (large enough to hold a library book)

4 boxes of 8 basic Crayola crayons (Please make sure they are regular size and Crayola).

4 glue sticks-regular size

1 large pink eraser

#2 pencils (regular size)

1 large box of Kleenex (at least 150 count)

1 pair of Fiskar scissors (blunt end

A pair of inexpensive earbuds 

1 regular sized bath towel (dark colored) for rest time

 --Please do not bring a beach towel

P.E. shoes (We prefer that your child brings PE shoes that do NOT tie. This may prevent any accidents that might occur during PE because of untied shoes)

First Grade

24 Crayons - 2 boxes

12 Pencils

Pencil box

Bottle of school glue

Two glue sticks

2 Large erasers

12 Pencil tip erasers


2 Folders w/ pockets (NO TRAPPERS)

1 Box of tissues

2 Wide ruled spiral notebooks

2 Red pens

200 Index cards for flash cards

PE shoes with non-marking soles

Earbuds or Headphones to use w/ iPads

Second Grade

1 Composition notebook

2 Pocket folders with prongs

5 No. 2 pencils

1 Box of 24 crayons

1 Eraser

P.E. shoes

8 Glue sticks

Rounded school scissors

Book bag

1 Large box of tissues

1 Container of disinfectant wipes Headphones or earbuds (optional)

Third Grade

Book bag

Colored pencils

1 pocket folder of your choice

12--#2 pencils (Ticonderoga brand preferred; mechanical pencils are ok, but we won’t supply any lead)

Erasers (your choice--but consider quality over cuteness)

4 glue sticks



Pencil box

1 box of Kleenex

1 jumbo & 1 regular size book covers

2 composition notebooks

1 container of disinfectant wipes

1 pair of earbuds to keep in desks

PE shoes with non-marking soles

Fourth Grade

#2 Pencils (several throughout the year)


Colored Pencils


Glue Stick

2 Notebooks (70 Sheet notebooks)

2 Folders

PE Shoes

3 Large Paper Grocery Bags

Backpack or Book Bag

2 Tissue boxes

2 Canisters of disinfecting Wipes (i.e. Clorox, Lysol, Great Value)

 Fifth Grade


Pencil Box or Bag 


Colored Pencils



2 Glue Sticks 

1 Notebook (Bennett only) 

2 Folders with Pockets 

Book bag

PE shoes with non-marking soles

2 book covers (large)

1 box of Kleenex

Earbuds (Optional)

Sixth Grade

6 Pencils

extra lead if using mechanical pencils

2 Big erasers

Corded earbuds - optional

Colored pencils - 12 pack

8 Notebooks (Bossard)

6 Notebooks (Eymann)

5 Two-pocket folders

4 Paper book covers

1 Box of tissues

1 Container of disinfectant wipes

Book bag

PE shoes with non-marking soles

Parents –When purchasing supplies and new school clothing, please keep in mind the student handbook states that pictures and words on T-shirts should be acceptable.  Make sure your family promotes education by not allowing your child to wear clothing that is derogatory toward school.

Elkhorn Valley Schools thanks you for your support!

Also, if purchasing CLOTH book covers, make sure that they are large enough to cover the entire book –including the spine of the book.